Apart from the routine medical needs, our clinic provides corporate medical check-ups for:-


  • ●-Pre-work Assessment
  • ●-Periodic Work Assessment
  • ●-FTW (Fitness to Work) Assessment
Here are the three ways that TMJ SSPC can lower your company’s healthcare costs:-

Vocational Medical Check-Ups:-

  • ●-Food Handlers
  • ●-Immigration / Permanent Residency Applications (Blood Grouping)
  • ●-Employment Pass Applications
  • ●-Driving License Certification

TMJ SSPC Corporate Wellness:-

Scheduling medical appointments when you’re feeling fine may seem like a waste of your time, but the old saying “Prevention is better than cure” is very true. Regular medical check-ups will pick up any potential problems, allowing you to take steps in either preventing them or beginning early treatment. Many large corporations insist that their executives have a full medical examination every year (Executive Health check-Up).
TMJ SSPC Corporate Wellness also provides effective and affordable Workplace Health Promotion Service (WHPS) to support your various statutory or corporate employee health requirements.

Workplace Health Promotion Services:-

  • ●-Consultancy on WHPS Programme
  • ●-Corporate Health / Lifestyle Profile
  • ●-Management Report on healthcare utilization & disease trends
  • ●-On-site & Off-site Health Screenings
  • ●-Employee Health Workshops
  • ●-Lifestyle, Health Surveys
  • ●-WHPS Health Talks

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